FAQ for Babysitters

Families seek to hire Magnolia Heart Babysitters because of the simple, straightforward process of connecting with fully vetted babysitters who are ready to work. In order to create a babysitter profile and respond to job posts, you must first fill out an application and go through an interview with a local coordinator. We will verify CPR certification and professional references. If we feel you have what it takes to be a Magnolia Heart Babysitter, you will pay $99 for the first year’s start up (covers all background checks and training, so your first year is basically free). This is your ONLY cost. Unlike other sites, you keep 100% of what you earn! Magnolia Heart Babysitters are paid directly by the family when they work, and are never required to pay a commission.
You set your own pay! Magnolia Heart Babysitters are independent contractors and Magnolia Heart does not set your rates. Hourly pay should be agreed upon with the family before taking a job…and you keep 100% of what you earn! Unlike other sitter sites that require the families to pay THEM so that they take a percentage of your earnings, Magnolia Heart Babysitters are paid directly by the family when they work, and are never required to pay a commission.
We recommend that babysitters list hourly rates in their babysitter profile so that families know rates prior to booking. Sometimes families and babysitters agree on a per job price, especially for overnight sitting. Many babysitters have a cancellation policy, and you should let families know if you charge a fee (We suggest $25) for last minute cancellations. Magnolia Heart cannot charge cancellation fees on your behalf. However, if a family cancels repeatedly please let us know. Be sure to set up a phone interview with first time families prior to meeting in a public place for an interview. You should discuss the number and ages of children, job responsibilities (cooking, driving, etc?) and expected compensation. IF the family agrees, then proceed to meeting for an interview. If you don’t think it will be a good fit, inform the family that they may be happier with another sitter and do not accept the interview or job.
Yes! Other sites prohibit private scheduling because they want to take a percentage of your earnings. Magnolia Heart Babysitters work for themselves and are not required to pay any commissions to Magnolia Heart. Please always keep SAFETY in mind when scheduling babysitting jobs. We strongly recommend that you create an email address specifically for babysitting – ex. FirstnameMHBabysitter@gmail.com - so that you never have to give out private contact information to strangers on the internet! Use common sense. Do not give out your personal social media information or phone number to people that you do not know. Some of our babysitters create a FREE Google phone number that can be given to families. (If there are ever any issues, you can easily disconnect the number without fees and hassle associated with changing a cell phone number.)
Cancellations happen. But, they shouldn’t happen often. Cancellations affect how families view our reliability. Cancellations are reserved for cases of illness or emergency. If you must cancel – contact the family directly as soon as possible. If it is less than 24 hours before the job, please call Magnolia Heart’s help line so that we can help the family to find a replacement. Excessive cancellations WILL result in removal from our website, and this will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
Cancellations should always be made with the family directly as soon as you know you need to cancel. In the case of a last-minute cancellation, contact the parents first and then contact the Magnolia Heart Help Line. We will work with the family to try to find a replacement sitter, but this is not always possible.
You will not be charged for cancelling due to illness or emergencies. However, families often will not re-hire a babysitter that is not dependable. Give families as much notice as possible to find a replacement babysitter if you are unable to work.
A history of cancellations/No-Shows WILL result in removal from the site. Babysitters will be given one warning if a family reports them for last minute cancellations or No-Shows. A second offense will result in a 30 day suspension of your account. In rare circumstances, babysitters will be banned from the site for not meeting Magnolia Heart standards if there are continued issues with cancellations/no-shows, or tardiness. There will be no refunds of any fees for training or background checks.
Magnolia Heart Babysitters are independent contractors. You set your own pay, and your own cancellation policies. ANY CANCELLATION POLICY must be in writing on your profile, and you must discuss this with the family prior to accepting a job. Many sitters do charge a $25 penalty for jobs with a same day cancellation.
No. Magnolia Heart babysitters are independent contractors, and you are not required to work any number of jobs. Just don’t accept jobs if you are unavailable. We recommend that you let your “regular” families know that you will be unavailable so that they have time to interview for a backup sitter. You can also update your babysitter profile on the website to let families know you are unavailable until a certain date. This will prevent you from having to respond to and turn down job requests while you are on vacation.
Yes. You represent Magnolia Heart when you work for our families. Our families value professional, dependable, and trustworthy babysitters! Wear clothing that is both practical and professional – and appropriate for working with children. Use common sense. For example, working with infants does not lend well to long fingernails!


Yes. We want to give Magnolia Heart Families the peace of mind of knowing that the babysitters they choose are fully screened and vetted. All sitters are required to complete background checks and verify CPR and First Aid certification before you can create your babysitter profile on our site. Checks include nationwide, sex offender, and motor vehicle checks. Sitters are responsible for the cost of their background check. In the long run, this allows you to get more jobs and earn more money. Background checks take three to five days to receive results. All checks must be re-run annually. If anything changes on your criminal or driving record, you must notify Magnolia Heart immediately.
NO. Families are not required to complete background checks. All families are required to complete an application prior to being approved and receiving access to the babysitter database. We often do phone interviews with the family and require proof of residency (so we know they are in our local area). As a babysitter, you should take your own personal safety into account at all times!
  • Complete your annual Babysitters Safety Course (offered in person and online), which teaches general safety practices for interviewing families and safely accepting jobs.  
  • Always conduct a phone interview with a family to see if the job requirements meet your expectations. If you have any concerns, or something seems “off”, do not accept the job! You are NEVER required to accept a job.
  • Meet families at coffee shops or public locations for interviews. You should never just show up at an address with out meeting the parent first.
  • If you see something, say something to Magnolia Heart. (But, do not post anything on the website or say anything to anyone else.  You could be violating confidentiality.)
  • Always let someone (friend, parent, roommate) know where you will be working and when to expect you home.
  • We encourage all babysitters to create an email account especially for jobs from MagnoliaHeartBabysitters.com.  This can be done for free, and should maintain your privacy by only using your first name. (ex. MHBNicole@gmail.com )
  • Do not share your social media accounts in your babysitter profile.
  • If you feel your life is in danger, leave!