There are no hidden costs or fees! Magnolia Heart does not take any of your pay.

$99 / (first year)
  • $99 covers all of the extensive background checks and training courses and gives you access to thousands of job opportunities for one year.
$199 / (every year after)
  • After the first year, membership is only $199 per year!
  • First, fill out an application. After we review your application, you may be contacted for an interview and to begin the screening process.
  • You will be advised in the interview on how to proceed with paying the annual fee.

Babysitters: We want you to be safe! Your annual Babysitters Safety Course (offered in person and online) teaches general safety practices for interviewing families and safely accepting jobs.


  1. We encourage all babysitters to create an email account especially for jobs from This can be done for free, and should maintain your privacy by only using your first name.

  2. Do not share your social media accounts in your babysitter profile

  3. Always conduct an interview (by phone or at a public coffee house) with the family before accepting new jobs.

  4. Use common sense! Always let a family member or friend know where you will be working and when you expect to be home.