FAQ for Families

Magnolia Heart Babysitters is a subscription service allowing you to connect with qualified, fully screened babysitters in your local area.  You can choose to pay monthly or annually for your Family Membership. Our annual membership has the added benefit of unlimited bookings and a savings of $150 over monthly payment plans. Babysitters are paid directly by the family.
Magnolia Heart cares about families and babysitters!  While there is no way that anyone can guarantee every person who uses the internet, at MagnoliaHeartBabysitters.com, we do our best to hold both families and babysitters accountable by requiring registrations to be approved by a dedicated member of our staff, not an automated algorithm!  After we’ve reviewed your application, registration and any documents, you will receive an invoice by email. We try to approve family applications within 48 hours, but it may take longer on weekends, holidays, or during peak enrollment times. After your payment is received, you will have full access to view babysitter profiles or post jobs with the username/password you registered with when you submitted your application. If you forgot your log-in credentials, please follow the prompts to reset your password on the website.
Your credit card will be billed on autopay (either monthly or annually, depending on your preference) unless written notice of termination is received more than 30 days prior to the next billing date.  You may submit your written notice of termination by email at MHBabysitters@gmail.com with the subject: CANCEL.
Answer: Please call our office and someone will assist you.
We recommend planning ahead when looking for a new babysitter. You can either post a job on the website (and choose candidates from the sitters who respond to the job) or browse our babysitter database for babysitter candidates in your area.
Give yourself plenty of time to reach out to several sitters and set up phone interviews. If you think the babysitter is potentially a good fit for your family, arrange to meet the candidates for a more formal interview at a coffee shop or public park. For safety reasons, we encourage our sitters to meet families in person in public locations prior to accepting a job. Ultimately, the decision on if/where to meet is between you and your sitter candidate. Once you’ve chosen a few favorites, you can notify babysitters directly to see if they are available whenever you need childcare.
No. Magnolia Heart Babysitters brings Families and Babysitters together, but the choice of which babysitter to hire is completely up to you!
YES! But, because sitter schedules change due to class schedules, prior commitments, and other babysitting jobs, we do not guarantee that your first choice will be available. We recommend having a short list of 2 or 3 babysitters that you have already interviewed and are comfortable with. In order to increase the likelihood of getting your first choice, give her as much notice as possible to accept the job (last minute jobs are often the hardest to fill).
While Magnolia Heart Babysitters specializes in occasional babysitting for date nights, doctor’s appointments, work meetings, mom’s mornings out, etc., families needing regular childcare can checkout MagnoliaHeartNannies.com! We can expedite the process since you’re already a Magnolia Heart Family.
Yes. We encourage any family to request an interview with a new babysitter by phone and then in person in a public location (coffee shop, bakery, public park). We recognize it is essential for each family to be comfortable with their sitter. Whether or not to pay the sitter candidate for the interview meeting is up to you. Please discuss this in advance with the sitter. Most families offer some compensation to respect our sitters’ time.
No. We do not guarantee job requests will be filled. We recommend posting a job with as much notice as possible and including details that sitters look for when applying for a job (Location, date/time frame you need care, number of children, pay, etc.). You can also browse our babysitter database and reach out to babysitters in your area to see if they are available.
While MagnoliaHeartBabysitters.com specializes in occasional babysitting for date nights, doctor’s appointments, work meetings, mom’s mornings out, etc., families needing event childcare can checkout MagnoliaHeartNannies.com!
Yes. We recommend submitting holiday jobs at least one week in advance. Some Magnolia Heart Babysitters will work overnight. The information is usually available in the sitter’s profile, but we encourage you to ask about overnight sitting during your phone interview with candidates.


Families pay the babysitters directly. Please check with your babysitter directly prior to the job on preferred payment methods. Most sitters accept cash, square, PayPal, or Venmo. No Personal Checks will be accepted. Families will be removed from the site with no refund for non-payment, after an investigation by our office.
Please communicate with the sitter before extending your time, in case she has other plans. If extending, you will be responsible to pay the sitter for the additional hours. If you happen to come home earlier than the time requested, you will be charged for the full amount of time originally requested. Our sitters have set this time aside for your family we want to be sure they are compensated accordingly.


In the case of a sitter cancellation that is more than 24 hours before the start time, please contact another babysitter through our site. It will not be counted as an additional booking. In the case of last-minute cancellations due to emergency or illness, we will work with our community of sitters to help your family to make the next-best arrangement, and help you find an alternate sitter. Please call our 24-hour toll free babysitter line as soon as you know of the cancellation. If you have a sitter that cancels on you, please let us know. We all know that cancellations happen, but we pride ourselves on having reliable professionals and we want to address any issues about tardiness, last minute cancelations, or no-shows, so that if it continues that sitter will be removed from out site.  
Any changes to the job should be made by contacting your sitter directly, as soon as possible.
Magnolia Heart does not charge cancellation fees. Our babysitters are busy and set aside time for your family. Because last minute cancellations prevent them from being able to accept other jobs, we highly encourage families to offer compensation for same day cancellations. If a family is reported for frequent cancellations, they will be issued a warning and their account may be frozen for 30 days. A 2nd warning will result in a 90 day suspension of the account. In rare circumstances, families will be banned from using the website due to excessive cancellations without compensation or non-payment to sitters for hours worked.
Magnolia Heart is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children.  We are parents, too! So, we’ve taken every precaution that we’d take for our own children and provided it for you!  Magnolia Heart requires all babysitters to meet our strict standards. Our babysitters are:
  • Non-smokers
  • At least 18 years old
  • Have current CPR/First Aid certification
  • Can read, write and speak English fluently
  • Can legally accept employment in the United States
  • Have access to a vehicle to travel to and from positions
  • Have impeccable, verifiable references from previous employers
  • Have at least one year of verifiable, professional childcare experience
  • Have passed criminal and sex-offender background checks
  • Have a valid driver’s license with a good driving record & current auto insurance
  • Have exemplary moral character and strive to be a role model for the children in my care  
Safety is a priority at Magnolia Heart, and all sitters are hand-selected by our local coordinators. In addition to interviewing each sitter, all sitters are required to clear extensive background checks, including nationwide, sex offender, child abuse and motor vehicle checks.
All sitters are required to undergo a thorough background check, including nationwide criminal, sex offender and motor vehicle checks. Magnolia Heart requires the background checks to be re-run annually. Any family may request (and pay for) an additional check for a sitter prior to a job. Background checks take up to three days to receive results.
No. While many of our babysitters do drive for our families, Magnolia Heart does not insure any sitter – for driving for any other reason. Sitters act as independent contractors and assume any responsibility for driving children or pets. Families requesting driving should discuss this with the babysitter, including whether the babysitter will drive their own vehicle (what compensation?) or a family vehicle.
  • Meet your sitter before the job and make sure that she is a good fit for your family! Discuss all expectations for the sitter before the job.
  • Leave clear, thorough written instructions for your sitter.
  • Talk to your sitter ahead of time about any special needs or dietary requirements, allergies, etc.
  • Leave an Emergency Contact list with your sitter
Magnolia Heart cares about families and babysitters!  While there is no way that anyone can guarantee every person who uses the internet, at MagnoliaHeartBabysitters.com, we do our best to hold both families and babysitters accountable by requiring registrations to be approved by a dedicated member of our staff, not an automated algorithm!  Proof of residency helps us to ensure that family members are local and confirms addresses with babysitters, if necessary.