Why do babysitters choose MagnoliaHeartBabysitters.com?

Magnolia Heart is committed to connecting families to qualified babysitters who are fully screened and ready to work. Families seek to hire Magnolia Heart Babysitters because of the simple, straightforward process of connecting with fully vetted babysitters who are ready to work.

You set your own pay! Hourly pay should be agreed upon with the family before taking a job…and you keep 100% of what you earn! Unlike other sitter sites that require the families to pay THEM so that they take a percentage of your earnings, Magnolia Heart Babysitters are paid directly by the family when they work, and are never required to pay a commission.

You set your own schedule! Life is busy…we understand. As a Magnolia Heart Babysitter you can set your own hours and you approve of the family before accepting any job. There are no minimum requirements to work, and your profile stays valid for one full year in our database.

There are no hidden costs or fees! You simply pay your annual fee up front to cover your background checks and training courses (offered in person or online). Submit your profile, highlighting your strengths and experience and have access to thousands of families ready to contact you! You can also browse and respond to posted jobs in your area. Unlike other sites, there are never any fees for families or babysitters to respond to messages.

We invest in you! We offer opportunities to complete/renew CPR/First Aid certifications (at a reduced cost of $45 if you haven’t already completed it). We run a complete criminal background check, National Sex offender registry, child abuse registries, and DMV checks to offer parents peace of mind when they choose you to care for their children. You will have the option to take many other optional training programs (special needs awareness, infant care, etc.) designed to make you more successful. Our Annual Babysitters safety course is mandatory, and focuses on safety of our sitters, using the interview process to see if you and the family are a good match, and on creating a Magnolia Kiddie Kit to entertain and care for kids of all ages.

We are here for you! If you have any problems with your bookings, please let us know. While we cannot control the actions of any babysitter or family, we do take complaints seriously and remove people from our site if there is a pattern of unresolved problems.

Let’s get started! The process to become a Magnolia Heart Babysitter is simple.

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Schedule your interview
  3. Upon approval, begin the screening process. $199 covers all of the extensive background checks and training courses and gives you access to thousands of job opportunities for one year. After the first year, membership is only $99 per year!
  4. Create your babysitter profile to upload to our database and/or browse jobs in your area.
  5. Start earning money doing what you love – Caring for children!